Nora city


Nuraghe Losa, Abbasanta (OR)
Chia, view on the beach Giudeu

NanoSEA 2012 will be held in S. Margherita di Pula (Cagliari, Italy), situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia with its app. 1.800 kilometres of coastline, is one of the most popular destinations for people who love aquatic sports and seaside holidays, not only for its natural beauty and geographical position but also for its history.
It is neither a coincidence nor a fashion that nowadays Sardinia is the preferred destination for many tourists. The sea around this large Mediterranean Island (second only to Sicily in size among all Mediterranean Islands) is among the most beautiful and transparent in all the world. In fact D.H. Lawrence in his famous book 'The Sea and Sardinia' wrote that Sardinia was a land like no other and the Sardinian writer, Marcello Serra entitled one of his famous books "Sardinia: Almost a Continent", in order to underline the uniqueness of the Sardinian landscapes and the large and deep differences among the Island's various regions which make Sardinia similar to a continent.
Sardinia is famous for its emerald green transparent sea and its unspoiled white sandy beaches. However there is more, much more that Sardinia can offer visitors. There are numerous "surprises" that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Visiting unique archaeological sites of the iron age such as nuraghi, menhirs and dolmens can be an opportunity to discover the culture, the gastronomy and the crafts of the areas least affected by tourism.