Second International Conference on Nanostructures SElf-Assembly
Villa Mondragone, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Monteporzio Catone, Rome, Italy
7 - 10 July 2008

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Welcome to the NANOSEA website!

Here’s the first announcement of the Second International Conference on NANO-structures SElf-Assembly 2008.

The Conference is the second in the series, two years after the successful start in July 2006 in Aix-en-Provence (France) ( NANOSEA 2008 is aimed at addressing the more recent developments in the area of nanopatterns and nanostructures, from formation and control to properties and novel applications.

The Conference will provide a common forum for scientists operating in the fields of semiconductor, metallic, organic and biological nanostructures. Special attention will be paid to a number of relevant phenomena and issues in the field:

  • large-scale patterning obtained by spontaneous structuring as well as local probe nanopatterning for size and position control of nanostructures;

  • theoretical and experimental efforts dedicated to a better understanding of the formation, evolution and organisation of nanoscale systems;

  • fundamental and new issues in nucleation, crystal growth, surface and interface atomistic mechanisms and electronic structure;

  • optical, electrical and magnetic properties proper to self-assembled systems; Novel properties induced by low scale nanostructures.

Finally, new insights on short-term and future/futuristic device applications will be of prime interest in the framework of this Conference.

We are waiting to see you in Rome!
Isabelle, Maurizio and Roberto

Organising Committee

Isabelle Berbezier (L2MP- CNRS, Marseille, France)

Maurizio De Crescenzi (University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Rome, Italy)

Robertino Zanoni (University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy)

Local organising committee

Franck Bassani, Isabelle Berbezier, Luc Favre, Cathy Paitel, Evelyne Santacroce

University of Rome Tor Vergata
Paola Castrucci, Maurizio De Crescenzi, Ivan Davoli, Fulvia Patella, Manuela Scarselli, Anna Sgarlata, Francesca Tombolini, Claudia Scilletta

University of Rome La Sapienza
Alice Boccia, Valeria Lanzilotto, Andrea G. Marrani, Robertino Zanoni

Scientific Secretariat
Anna Minella
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