Second International Conference on Nanostructures SElf-Assembly
Villa Mondragone, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Monteporzio Catone, Rome, Italy
7 - 10 July 2008

nanosea20081 (3K)

List of the invited speakers:

R.M.Tromp (IBM New York, USA)

A.Fontaine (CNRS Grenoble, France)

M.Lannoo (CNRS Marseille, France)

J.Haruyama (Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan)

G. Dujardin (University of Paris-Sud, France)

R. Jordan (Department Chemie, TU München, Germany)

P. Woodruff (University of Warwick, United Kingdom)

C.Jagadish (Australian National University, Australia)

E.Tosatti (SISSA Trieste, Italy)

F.Biscarini (CNR, Bologna, Italy)

In addition to the talks from the above invited speakers, the International Advisory Committee of NanoSEA2008 will select further ten invited lectures among all the papers submitted to the Conference.

Tentative Program Agenda:

The first NanoSEA Conference was attended by scientists from more than 30 countries, and we expect NanoSEA2008 to gather about 200 scientists from most European countries, USA, Australia and Japan.

NanoSEA2008 will be organized in two parallel and independent daily sessions, in order to increase the number of oral presentations and for a better presentation of new facts and results. Each daily session will be opened by an invited talk (30 min) which will focus on a keynote and open the topic to general discussion. The allocated time for further oral presentations is 15 min (please reserve 12 min for presentation and 3 min for discussion). Morning and afternoon sessions will be held, with coffee breaks and on-site lunch. It is expected that 20 invited lectures, about 50 oral presentations and 100-120 poster presentations will be given.

Villa Mondragone Congress Centre ( will offer a pleasant and suitable place for discussion among participants, along its tradition of hosting successful international meetings.   

Local organising committee

Franck Bassani, Isabelle Berbezier, Luc Favre, Cathy Paitel, Evelyne Santacroce

University of Rome Tor Vergata
Paola Castrucci, Maurizio De Crescenzi, Ivan Davoli, Fulvia Patella, Manuela Scarselli, Anna Sgarlata, Francesca Tombolini, Claudia Scilletta

University of Rome La Sapienza
Alice Boccia, Valeria Lanzilotto, Andrea G. Marrani, Robertino Zanoni

Scientific Secretariat
Anna Minella
Sponsorized by:
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